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John Twain

John Twain is the author of No Hell Below Us: A Political Tour de Farce.

What if RACE, GENDER, and INEQUITY disappeared? Surely humanity would achieve utopia, right? Guess again—for the Devil’s in the details.

A trio of idealistic pseudoscientists transforms humanity into one race but not everyone is happy about it. With smears of racism gone from their arsenal, President Moe Hyden’s top advisors scramble to find new ways to demonize their political rivals. Meanwhile, The Secret Society concocts a nefarious scheme using the President’s son to travel the world peddling a high-stakes snow globe-for-influence operation. All hope would be lost if not for former President Ace MacDonald, who plots his triumphant return to power from his prison cell in GITMO—though he might need a dash of divine intervention.

No Hell Below Us by John Twain is a brilliantly crafted lampoon of the excesses and corruption of the political Left. Twain’s biting satire weaves together a tapestry of hilariously eccentric characters and influencers engaged in political intrigue so absurd you’ll think you’re watching the nightly news. If you like The Babylon Bee, JP Sears, and Mug Club, you’ll love No Hell Below Us!

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