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Theophilus is a friend of God.

He is the author of Singularity: or, How the LOGOS Resolves the Problems of Racism, Gender Obsession, Climate Change, Decadence, & Every Other Calamity You Encounter.

Singularity dispels modern illusions with ancient truths.
Called “an antidote to wokeness,” Singularity exposes the cultural phenomena that pit people against each other in the modern world: decadence, fear of climate change, sexual and gender obsession, abortion, racism, the credibility of experts, and “divisionism.” Theophilus dispels modern illusions with ancient truths in this practical yet metaphysically evocative exploration of the calamities that bombard man.
Most importantly, Singularity reveals how the LOGOS, Jesus Christ, resolves the problems in your life and the world around you.
Read more about Singularity here. Purchase on Amazon.